What is Cultured Football?

Football is our passion and through Cultured Football we want to spread good writing about it.

Each week we read dozens of football related articles from all corners of the internet so that by Saturday evening we can share with you the five great articles we feel you would enjoy reading.

We’ll always try to make the final selection as varied as possible and from as many sources as we can.

We guarantee that among the five links we share each week there will be at least on article that you will absolutely love.

Anything Else?

This finely curated list will not include anything that is behind a paywall and so all articles, as well as the basic newsletter itself, are completely free of charge.

Nor will it include transfer rumours or spurious articles with no substance to them. We’re not saying that these aren’t enjoyable or that we don’t occasionally read them but we do try to live up to the ‘cultured’ aspect in our name.

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